Live-Action-Workshop shooting with Lyonel by GM-foto.
Have you passed it by? Here I want to represent some results from the 04.04.2014 for those who haven't had an opportunity to be there and for those who was there with us and even made the photos using their chance.
This day Lyonel teached  the newcomer-photographers how to work with the smoke, photo sections, how to use the light appropriately (btw the whole thing was sponsored by the PrioLight and took place at the GM-foto shop in Frankfurt).
I was there the whole day for you and your cameras there, I hope you liked our workshop because it was a pleasure to meet all the nice people, to get new connections and have just a great day working for you and with you!
Thank you for coming and I would be glad to meet you again in the future and may be even to work together again!
For those who wasn't there: don't pass it by the next time! :)

Photographer: Lyonel Stief Photography
Make up / Hair: Marlen Watzl