Three oranges

Strange name for my the new post, don't you think?
Actually not. This time I've worked for the special project, being a model for a portfolio for a young designer from the national theatre of Wiesbaden and her collection for the performance "Three oranges".
Did I already mentioned that I love to work in this studio and be a part of the team of Lyonel?
And I will say it again and again, because his professionalism plays such a great role and his ideas surprise me all the time. He even prepares a right music for the right atmosphere.
So, if you also need a beautiful portfolio special made for your design clothiers or your new collection, don't be shy to contact me. It will be a pleasure for me to help you to find a photographer, make up artist and the whole team by your wish, and as a result you'll handle such a great map in your hands. Isn't it magical?

Photo: Lyonel Stief Photography
Make Up & Hair: Julia Sattler
Design: Lisa Kaffenberger