Yellow story

This is again Tabita Cargnel. This young girl makes her work just wonderful. Her photos inspire. 
By the way here is our first collaboration named "
Neighbor girl" and our studio-shooting "Big flower". I think our third one comes out really well, probably we are even getting higher. If you would know in which conditions we were working… Okay, let it be a secret! I want just say that our make-up artist Katrin is such a wonderful and professional person, I hope to work with her again in the future. She made my face to look different and created some kind of new style, I loved it so much that I decided not to color my eyes darkly (in my everyday life) like I've done before. I love this natural touch on my face, may be a little powder and brush. 
And I am absolutely in love with this editorial!
What do you think?

Photo: Tabita Cargnel
MuA: Katrin Kohlstedt