"The Chronicles of Soul Warden"

And here is a result from our shooting with Calvin Hollywood. One of the most interesting jobs I've had: I acted as a model and a main character Jessamine from the book Die Chroniken der Seelenwächter. It was a pleasure! 
And the images we've got are exactly as mysterious and magical as the whole story written by Nicole Böhm. Thank you for choosing me for that role. 
The drawing was created after all and has been based on a photo of Calvin Hollywood painted by the talented Nicole Böhm. 
For me it is a great honor to be an inspiration of someone else in this kind of way. It was a first experience for me to get such a surprise! I think the image and the artist by herself are just awesome. Thank you for that!

Writer and painter: Nicole Böhm
Photo: Calvin Hollywood
Visaart - Franziska Hanke