Making of "The cave" by Equatronic

The main character from the music band "Equatronic" Oliver has booked me one month ago for his new videoclip "The cave". 
So, on Saturday (28.12.2013) I arrived to this beautiful villa in Saarbrücken, where the whole thing was planned. I've met a nice and talented people again, Constance and Oliver who organized the scenario and actors this day, a professional visagist Jaqueline, who made the great job of these two different looks on me, and so on.
Nikita Wunder, who came with me from Frankfurt, suggested to make these Making of Photos, and was so nice to make it by himself. So, now you can observe our working process and be a part of it.
Was really funny and interesting! I am glad that the band has chosen me for the main role, can't wait to see the results!
The music video will be ready in the middle of January. 

Musicband: Equatronic
MuA: Jaqueline SchMay
Photo: Nikita Wunder
Directing: Constance