Wind in your hair

Today is a birthday day of an amazing photographer Joschi, so I would like to post it today and to wish him more inspiration if it's even possible.
One of the most interesting and encouraged persons, whom I've worked with. There is a big amount of ideas in his head and absolutely simple and funny way to communicate with people.
We've made 8 or 9 looks together in one day, I couldn't imagine that such a big job is possible to make in 7 hours! Here we should thank a professional make-up and hair artist Julia of course, who invented those characters by herself and embodied it on me. I was impressed. And to get this first part of our pictures just before the christmas was a great present for me, thank you!

And Happy Birthday again, dear Joschi. xoxo.

Photographer:  Jo Krausz
MuA: Julia Schwärzel