As a model I get the shooting-offers from the private photographers pretty often. It is a big step for a new-comer (and a best solution for the advanced one) to collaborate with a professional model, but not everyone understands that. As an advantage, a photographer shouldn't be worried about posing, photogenicy and usually doesn't need to spend much time for editing the pics. (The professional models usually have clean skin and good hair, take care of their hands and nails.) In this case photographer has enough time to be focused just on the quality of his pictures and on camera-settings. A professional model is usually organized and stays in contact, so you can discuss everything in details. If a model works often, she could also help you with the light and location problems, just because she has enough background in this area. 
Here you can see how I look like on my everyday life. Self makeup and hair, self styling. As a location we chose my lovely city Frankfurt. And a big thanks to the amazing Alexa (a photographer) who catched my beautiful side on that summer day. (Yes, I have an ugly one, too XD)

photo: Aw Arts