Simplicity by Eva

One day I received email from my agency East-West-Models with the offer to work for one of the best make-up schools in Germany "Famous Face Academy". Of course I accepted it immediately! You know why? Because the photograph who was responsible for the pics was the unique Eva Zocher. I've already seen hew works on facebook and dreamed about working with her some day.
Ba-da-boom! Don't be afraid of dreaming! Because your dreams become your thoughts, and your thoughts is everything what you need to get what you want! 
So, I had two wonderful days in this school and worked with three different make-up artists. 
Now I am proud to have those photos on my portfolio and to present our results to you guys.
Hope you'll like it as much as I do.

Have a great day! 

Photo: Eva Zocher
MuA: Jessi Malek (1+2), Julia Di (3+4), Elvis Lamoureux (5+6)