White lines

New people, new style, new ideas - is always something different and interesting, that's what i love about my job! 
Spontaneous and interesting day in Frankfurt has made these studio-pictures possible. 
A young and talented photographer Sasha Ivanov and gorgeous Visagist (Designer and Model by herself, too) Isabelle are both from Frankfurt, that is one more reason which made this shooting so easy. 
Happy to be back to my work again and being here for you guys! 


Exams are gone, life goes on! Thank God I am back in working order. And it feels so good to do things which I love to. 
Just one week passed since I have my holidays and I've already worked at two workshops and many projects are planed. Huhu! Stay with me, new stuff will follow soon. 

Photographer: S.E. Photography
MuA: Isabelle Asfour