From another planet

"A great team, that's all", - said a photographer.

We didn't have a lot of time, but a lot of ideas. 
There were only professionals in this studio, who know their business. I guess it's one of the most important components of any kind of work. 
"Your an amazing model. You don't even need direction and great posing!!! Thanks for coming!" - wrote the genius headdress-designer to me afterwords. 
Is there any compliment better than this? The best recommendation a model needs.

And what would you say, dear guest? Do you like those kind of photos or do you prefer it more natural?

Photo: Eric Condette Photography
Models: Luiza DollSarah Israel
MuA: Roxana Mende
Headdress: Rachel Sigmon Posh Fairytale Couture
Corsets: Artifice Clothing 
Post pro: Kristopher Ray Fuentes Rivera