At our second cooperation with Lyonel Stief Photography I've already was working with the big team and 5 Models indeed. I just can say it's always funny and exciting to meet  new and talented people! 
It's always a pleasure to work in such coordinated team, not woring about time, snacks, drinks, etc. because Lyonel prepares everything till the last detail. So, everybody can do their job and not to be distracted.

That's how the good projects work out! 


Photographer: Lyonel Stief
Make Up: Julia Sattler
Hair: Jana Fa
Design: Luna Rosa de Karlo, Luna Faßbender
Composing: Lyonel Stief
Models: Luiza Doll, Jennifer Prokop, Anna Kuntsevich, Amelie Kraft, Lydia Reuter