Redken backstage

Once I have got the letter from Adrian Bedoy and Torben Köster, they offered me a job which includes the project with Marco Arena, star-stylist from REDKEN.   
Februar 2013, early in the morning I've come to the L'oreal-Salon in Frankfurt am Main. And… didn't notice how 10 hours passed by. 
The great team "Corporate Creativity von Bedoy" from Düsseldorf. The professional equipment and professionalism of those whom I've worked with on this day has made my day.  
Amazing hairstyle, fitting make-up and clothes, best-quality pictures… And of course the several publications in different magazines as a result of our work.
Enjoy it!

Photographer: Adrian BedoyLina Nike
Hair Stylist: Marco Arena
Make up: Anna Meier
Stylist: Mia Vehro