Falling Down ( Making of )

Not the first time I've worked with the team of "Sporonositel", but the results become more and more professional.  ( Here you can look at our previous projects: True and Meat ).
The video-shooting took place in the last week of August, in Frankfurt-am-Main (Germany). 
The idea of  the video belongs to Nikita Wunder and me. Also in the video played a  younger brother of Nikita - Dominik.
Operator is Pavel Metelitsyn, who made an installation and special effects as well.
And the very important role of assistents played Sasha Grechannyi, Jana Piontkovska, Dr. Bro, Lina Doberschuts, Vladimir Warsawskij, Kyril Kudakov and Irina Kudakova.

Photographer: Dimitri Kandidov